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How NOT to bid at auction

Best Penny auction Websites: Free Statistic analysis and tools to win more penny auctions!

Best penny auction websites just started to build a gigantic database of auction results: Costs, winners, bids, products, dates, everything has been datamined from the very best penny auction sites: swoopo, quibids, beezid, for10cents, madbid, bigdeal, bidcactus, bidrodeo and dubli.

Providing all bidders with a great tool to browse past auctions and build relevant strategies to win a lot more than they used to, is Best Penny Auction Websites top priority.

If you want to learn what are the best penny auction websites strategies, what they are auctionning, what makes a real difference between them, you should really

How To Bit The Penny Auctions Sites - A Mathemitcal anaylsis for the novice.

How can you know for sure that penny auctions can be statistically analysed? It's a bit obvious if you browse our statistical data carefully that there ARE patterns. From empyrical analysis you can find out what patterns there are:

  • Is the closing price related to a particular day and time?
  • Can you analyse the behaviour of the people bidding?
  • Do they have a strategy?
  • Is there a relation between the product and the final price or the number of bids necessarry to win?
  • If you look carefully for name repetition you will spot that many of the winners have won multiple times. That's a quite strong proof that strategy matters!
  • Whenever you have multiple auction that feature the same product, what can you find out? Of course, you can. Statistics will help you a lot! Does it change from site to site? Maybe. Again, statistics will help you to find out.

This tool is totally FREE. There are already a few websites selling this data for a membership.

Penny auctions news, penny auction strategies, penny auction sites reviews, statistics, there is everything that a casual bidder as well as an enthousiast bidder will need to win more.

About the Author

Best Penny Auction Websites was created by real bidders, for real bidders of entertainment shopping penny auction websites. It is designed to be a sort of haven for competitive shopping addicts, whether they are casuals bidders, enthousiasts players or professional retaillers.


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Saving Cash Is Simple Whenever You Pay A Visit To Penny Auction Sites

With the problem connected with today's overall economy, there are many people that want any kind of extra financial advantage which can be located. The shopping demands regarding just about any family can often end up being quite nerve-racking which is very true for individuals that are striving financially. A different alternative that can help you save lots of money, would be to pay a visit to penny auction sites. These auctions have been known to be an effective way to unravel nerve-racking circumstances such as these.

What is definitely so astounding with regards to internet sites such as these is the wide variety of things that are offered for a man or women to bid on. Looking for certain products is not a dilemma, since you can are sure to locate these items on penny auctions sites. Wristwatches, ipods, purses and handbags, rings, books, electronic digital equipment in addition to a variety of others, are generally a lot of the products that happen to be generally found for folks to bid upon. The special aspect associated with internet sites similar to these is that items is often purchased at prices that happen to be considerably below what is ordinarily supplied in stores. It is rather enjoyable for a lot of individuals when they realize the particular lowered rates they can acquire with an array of gift items.

The bidding procedure used on penny auction sites is very simple. Bid tokens should be obtained in advance of people start bidding on selected merchandise of interest. Then, as individuals decide to place bids upon products, the tokens will be promptly removed from their outstanding token balance. What makes bidding fun for some is the first bid generally ranges from a single penny to just over a dollar. This enables individuals with just about any size spending plan the benefit of being capable of participate in the auctions. This is additionally an advantage which is found as bid increments will be increased. This is because they are fixed at really low ranges, just as the first bids usually are.

If you will be enjoying some great benefits of penny auction sites for the very first time, it will be advantageous to observe the procedure prior to starting bidding. This can make you feel far more comfortable throughout the actual bidding of items. The main goal would be to find the items you desire and acquire them at costs that are difficult to find somewhere else. Many people have a great deal of excitement at these kinds of auctions, which is a benefit that has contributed to their increasing recognition. When folks find themselves facing unforeseen events, there isn't any better technique than these kinds of auctions to select presents at significantly lowered costs.