British Egypt

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British Egypt

British Egypt

Getting Cheap Deals This Summer

As the whole world is aware, we are in one of the biggest credit crunch's that we have seen for a vast amount of time and the worst hit sector has been travel and things do not look like they will be getting better anytime soon.

A huge majority of people are still planning to spend their holiday in the UK, which could lead to a big bout of cheap summer holidays. People are cutting back a huge amount, because they know that the pound has become very weak compared to other currencies.

But things are not all negative because All inclusive package trips have actually taken a huge rise in bookings as folk look to lower their costs, especially to countries such as Turkey and Egypt. On another occasion self catering accommodation is still down a huge amount, so you could potentially look at grabbing a late deal bargain.

Again things are not all bad, because huge amounts of money are being pumped back into the UK economy, with caravan and UK family holidays being booked up in the dozen. Some places are even turning people away, as they have run out of spaces.

Although prices are still currently low for late overseas destination bookings, authorities warn that "The consumer that books late is taking a gamble that flight prices to the Western Med will remain low but there is a risk that these seat prices will sky rocket in June."

So if you are looking to take a holiday this summer then I would highly recommend booking within the next few weeks to keep your costs down.

Great bowls holidays and dancing holidays

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