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Medal Type

Do you agree with these top 20 American sports?

Now i know you probably won't disagree with the top 5 of these, but what would you do about the rest?

  1. American Football - This is by far the greatest of all the sports and the most viewed.
  2. Baseball - This is sometimes referred to as the number one sport, but American football gets more subscribers.
  3. Basketball – over 300 million people play world wide and America started the NBA.
  4. Hockey - All over America people tune in or travel to see these matches, some great games to be seen.
  5. Golf - A very much skilled sport, but Tiger Woods really brought it too the people.
  6. Wrestling - can be watched live or on the TV with massive audiences.
  7. Tennis - This is considered by some to be very boring, but this has wormed it's way into the hearts of many Americans.
  8. Skateboarding - America really started this up as a sport, now it is worldwide.
  9. Surfing - Well, America helped this sport to make its mark.
  10. Ice Skating - Although you may not have really thought about it, it is quite a big one.
  11. Boxing – This has become one of the most money spinning sports in America, but famous in Britain as well.
  12. Soccer - Growing to become a large sport and especially for the Americans, although not as big as others.
  13. Archery - you may not have thought of this one, but Americans do perform very well.
  14. Volleyball - Now I am not entirely sure who invented Women's Volleyball but i would like to shake their hand.
  15. Cycling – This has always been a strong sport, but has never really grasped the nation.
  16. Track and Field - Up until recently the Americans have completely dominated Track and Field events at the Olympics.
  17. Horse Racing - may not ever be as big as some, but will be around for, well probably ever.
  18. Rock Climbing - The Americans have really taken to this, and they do have some of the best possible scenery for it.
  19. Extreme Sports - The Americans love this, especially when things go wrong, not sure why though.
  20. Auto Racing - All of them, it has to come here on the list, but it is hard to differentiate between them.

Would you recommend these as the top 20? Should they be in a different order? What a great way to find out – try Las Vegas holidays or New York holidays to really find out

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