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Estonia Estonian

A Tourist Guide: Estonia according to Estonians

Create a Company in Estonia to Enjoy Liberal Corporate Regulation


Create a Company in Estonia

When you create a company in Estonia, you are accessing one of the most liberal foreign trade business atmospheres in the world. Honestly, there are few truly perfect spots for international incorporation that offer what Estonia has to offer. With almost zero tariff and non-tariff obstacles, regulations and qualifications for International investors, it is no wonder the past few years have seen investors abroad clamoring to enjoy the incentives put in place by the business-savvy Estonian government.

These incentives run the gamut from outright cash bonuses to tax rates that are among the lowest in the EU. Why shouldn't you create a company in Estonia and enjoy these and more awesome business benefits?  And this mindset pervades the overall corporate atmosphere as well, creating many attractive possibilities for the business pro or novice who decides to create a company in Estonia.


Financial Freedom

The local monetary unit, the Estonian Kroon (EEK), is tied directly to the Euro. This means the EEK is totally convertible for capital and current account transactions, and more importantly, all capital earned by foreign investors who create a company in Estonia can be repatriated without cost or fee of any kind. That is true financial freedom. It is these types of financial business incentives that make Estonian business formation so attractive to foreign investors.

Also, when you make the prudent decision to create a company in Estonia, you are awarded another jewel in your business corporation crown. Estonia offers a no-limit and exchange-free opportunity for foreign investors. That means there are zero restrictions on foreign investment, and the amount of capital invested in your Estonian company is uncapped and can remain in 100% foreign ownership! So you reap the rewards of Estonian business formation, but have your capital safely secured at home.


Be Sure to Use Experienced Specialists

However, there are regulatory filings which must be made properly, and a slip-up here would wipe out all of the incredible benefits available when you create a company in Estonia, and you are suddenly back at square one re-filing and eating up more precious time. To prevent this, deal only with a business formation firm that has years of experience in Estonian corporate filings and incorporation. And be sure to demand a company that employs only local attorneys and accountants that live and work in Estonia and are well-respected in the business community there. Only then can you ensure your incorporation efforts will be rewarded financially and expeditiously when you create a company in Estonia.

For more help or information on Estonia Company Formation, click here.


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For more help or information on Estonia Company Formation, click here.

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Estonia Estonian

Frequently Asked Questions...

Estonia. What do you know about it?

I've had a small obsession with Estonia for years, and I'm not sure why.
Have you ever been to Estonia? Maybe you know someone who is Estonian?

What can you tell me about Estonia? is it a nice country?

Thanks :)
Thannk you so much. :) I would love to visit Estonia. I have never spoken to an Estonian person before either!

Peace and blessings to your beautiful country.


I live in Estonia.
It is an amazing little country:D Most of the people i know are Estonians.

This year Tallinn, the capital city, is the European capital of culture so there is a lot of awesome events taking place this year in tallinn. but there is more to Estonia than only the capital. the beaches in Pärnu are amazing in the summer time. the swamps of Soomaa are a place to visit.
this year there will be the Youth Song and Dance Festival going in the beginning of july on the Song festival grounds in Tallinn. Saaremaa the biggest island has a meteor crater that is worth seeing. a lot of old mansions and a few old castles are really interesting.
if you are interested in finding out more about the estonians and estonia and its history, events, sightseeing visit these pages:

this one is in estonian with no subtitles but the scenes in this video are of Taevaskoda(Heaven´s house) that is one of my favourite places in Estonia

some pictures of estonia with a really beautiful estonian song

if you want to listen to some good estonian songs then (Peace) (everything has gone so quiet) (kiss through an iced window) (your voice)

google: Taevaskoda, tallinna vanalinn, Tartu, Pärnu, Haapsalu, Soomaa, The song from Viimne Reliikvia, Kodulaul from the movie Nukitsamees
Read: Tammsaare, Jaan Kross, Artur Alliksaar, Betti Alver
there is so much more to Estonia than the little in this answer:D