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Is the Imperial Foundation Lotto a scam?

They told me to send them Western Union $2840. and give them the MTCN Money Transfer Control Number and when they receive the money in 2 or 3 days (it only takes 15 minutes) they will ship my $120,000 check by DHL Custom Service (no such service) They said the Custom Service is not the regular DHL that it is highly secured. I called DHL and they have no such service. They say the check will be sent to me in 2 or 3 days and they told me to keep this information secret because it is highly confidential until I get my check.


YES - here's the info:


Imperial Service

Vienna Circa 1780: An Imperial Silver Service and Its European Significance

Daguanyuan – Representing China’s Imperial Past in Style

A magnificent destination that is replete with beauty and splendour, visitors to Daguanyuan will be presented with a memorable destination to remember. The Great View Garden is actually a replica of a famous garden of an imperial family that was described in a well known Chinese novel entitled "A Dream of Red Mansions".

Based on the novel there are various structures that each served a purpose and visitors can discover the story of the novel as they traverse the different buildings and structures that are located here. It was only after a TV based on the same novel was filmed in the location that the Government decided to turn a short term attraction in to a permanent and full scale one.

The entire area features impressive and distinct Chinese architecture that truly provides a strong sign of China. The entire Garden is filled with structures that showcase traditional Chinese architecture. Numerous classical buildings of various sizes and purposes are located here including pavilions, palaces, water features, courtyards and much more. Since the entire garden covers an area that is around 13 hectares in size and features over 40 scenic spots that should not be missed visitors are ensured of seeing a healthy variation of structures.

The stonework that can be found here covers an impressive area of more than 8000 square metres. Additionaly there are also lakes and canals in Great View Garden that cover an area in the range of 24,000 square metres.

Beyond the structures that can be found here, a softer side of nature is also on display. When traversing through this immense area visitors will hear a host the soft chirping of birds and feel the gentle breeze of the wind as they stroll through the interesting mix of structures and natural rock formations.

When travelling in Beijing Daguanyuan is a destination that should not be missed. Due to the impressive array of attractions that are housed in Beijing, only guests who are indulging in an extended stay would be able to visit all the attractions that are located here. Staying in a Beijing serviced apartment such as Ascott Beijing offers guests a comfortable and luxurious base from which to explore the many wonders that are on offer in Beijing.

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