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Bulgaria Military


Who Are The Bulgaria Special Land Forces?

The Bulgaria Special Forces consists of the Special Land Forces as well as the Black Sea Sharks, two special forces units operating in Bulgaria. The special land forces have a unique distinction dating back to the year 681. The Bulgaria Special Land Forces is distinguished from the Bulgarian Land Forces which is mandatory service for those who live in this country.

The Bulgarian Special Land Forces are an offshoot of the Bulgarian army forces and are for those who undergo rigorous training in order to be part of an elite team. In addition to the special land forces, there are also the Bulgarian Black Sea Sharks, a unit of the Naval Forces. The Naval Force and Air Force in Bulgaria is comprised of professionals and not those who are drafted into compulsory military service.

History of the Bulgaria Special Land Forces

The history of the Bulgarian special land forces is one of the oldest in the world and dates back to the year 681. In recent years, the land forces have become more refined and are comprised of those who have passed the testing for this type of special combat force.

How To Become A Member Of The Bulgarian Special Land Forces?

Those who want to become members of the Bulgarian Special Land Forces must be professional soldiers and not those who are drafted into the military. They must then undergo special training in order to make the
special forces

Bulgaria Special Land Forces Training

The Bulgarian Special Land Forces work with those in the armed forces when it comes to domestic crisis management as well as humanitarian efforts across the globe. Their job is deterrence, defense of the country, peacekeeping as well as rescue missions. The Special Forces will conduct rescue missions abroad and those that may be too difficult for the regular armed service to handle on a domestic basis.

Those who joined the special forces in Bulgaria, as well as the Air Force or Naval Force, especially the Black Sea Sharks, must have special training in addition to a 6 week boot camp training in order to make the grade. The training consists of weapons training and
physical endurance training
as well as survival training and psychological training. All individuals who join special forces such as the Black Sea Sharks need to have extensive underwater combat training, submarine training and weapons training.

What Are They Best At?

Forces are divided into those who are ready for immediate action, those who have already been deployed and those who are there for peacekeeping missions. Most of those who are under compulsory obligations for the armed forces in Bulgaria will work on the peacekeeping missions.

The Bulgarian Special Forces saw their peak during the cold war years. They consisted of special operational units that gathered information, logistics and deployed military brigades. All but a few of the special operational forces in Bulgaria were dismantled in 2006. However, today the main focus of the Bulgarian Special Operation Forces is to combat terrorism.

Weapons used in Bulgarian Special Land Forces

Weapons used for the Bulgarian Special Forces include Plasan Sand Cats, Artillery pieces, SAMs, AAA, and SS-21. The Counter-Terrorist Group known as SOBT is not technically part of the special Armed forces in Bulgaria but is trained in parachute skills, counter terrorism techniques, hand to hand combat, and firing. They are known as the Berets because they were special caps.

Training for this special branch of the Bulgarian army

takes approximately 20 weeks, although only 10 percent of those who enter the training program go on to the special forces. The Black Sea Sharks also work in conjunction with the SOBT, when it comes to underwater threats. Most of the Bulgarian Special Forces teams are used today to combat terrorism both abroad and globally.

Known Missions

Missions are classified.


The Black Sea Sharks and the SOBT are two units of the special forces that work in conjunction with one another.

Are They Professional Soldiers?

The Bulgarian Special Land Forces are professional soldiers and not those who have been drafted into the military. Most of those who make this elite squad will make a career in the military.
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