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Door Sign

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Top Ten Safety Signs to Accompany your Wire Marking Jobs

After bundling and wire marking electrical systems or cable projects in a facility, safety signs are important way of keeping people out of harms way and maintaining organization with fellow contractors or company employees. Here are ten signs you won’t want to forget on your next job:

  1. Pipes, Cables, and Valves. Indicate the location of pipes and cables and mark the function of specific valves with an eye-catching sign. Doing so will prevent accidents and decrease injuries.
  2. Voltage markers. Demonstrate the presence of a high voltage area with bright voltage labels. These signs inform the public of a dangerous area while labeling the level of voltage in the equipment being marked.
  3. Radiation. A must for hospitals, radiation signs are available in a variety of sizes for optimal marking and placement.
  4. No Smoking. Cigarettes, lighters and electrical projects are not a good mix. Avoid calamity with a simple notification.
  5. Static Awareness. If a combination of elements on your site creates static, place a safety sign indicating its presence.
  6. Door Signs. Mark the identification of a utility closet or restricted space with door signs. This will help people find the rooms they are looking for and keep them out of hazardous spaces.
  7. Scoreboards. When more than one person is working on a site, a scoreboard is a great way to track tasks. Each person can mark down factors related to a job, such as time, date, or other service data. Decrease redundant tasks and increase time management.
  8. Braille. Help out those who are unable view your signs. Don’t assume a blind person will have human assistance. Adding Braille signs enables the blind to participate in safety instructions and keep out of harm’s way.
  9. Exits. Should an unfortunate event occur, the presence of well-placed signs will help people escape the incident, remember to display signs in basements, stairwells, and other inconspicuous spaces.
  10. Funny Signs. After hanging a series of warning and safety signs, it might be time to lighten the load a little. Top off your project by displaying a humorous sign to offer up a laugh and a chuckle.

Safety signs are available in standard and customized products as well as in a variety of size and color options. No matter the cosmetic appearance of safety signs, the important part is that safety and accident prevention are a priority in the job or project site.

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