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Star Post

God Is An Astronaut - Suicide By Star

Five Star "appliances Summer Games" For The Warm

Shopping send skipping, badminton sets also sport! Moreover,

Air conditioning Meter sprint, triple jump efficiency, service over long distance, ice figure skating, digital track and field,

Notebook Relay, flat square, video and audio matrix, gymnastics ... ...

Home appliance chain Five Star National Summer Games warm to the appliance.

Five Star Appliance Summer Games since the opening by Hang Area consumers. Last weekend, the author of "Five Star"

Marketplace Went with her parents to see a dozen children Five Star Shopping attending "Five Star"

Organization The skipping game, lively exception. Several parents said the five-star organization of such activities very good, household appliances sports, diving prices, not only cheaper, but children playing here very happy. There racket skipping gifts. Parents generally behave more enjoyable. Disclose the relevant five-star staff: Five Star Appliance Games will last one month summer.

Appliance Games highlights fashion trends This weekend, five-star Summer Games, household appliances, "energy efficiency triple jump", air-conditioning, refrigerator, washing machine price meter dash, straight down gift, purchase energy-efficient air conditioning to send electricity back; services over long-distance race, "Five Star" Service Plus Free Gold and Extended delivery distance; plate

Sound Arranged in such large square, pushing the joint;

Kitchen Arena Tournament gifts; number of track and field, photo by photo

Mobile 100 m hurdles, joy across the original records, notebooks,

MP3 Relay; small appliances floor exercise and so numerous, varied and colorful activities will continue at the grand launch of the weekend.

According to reports, this weekend, the "digital life, Hyun-color five-star" also has introduced a digital, mobile,

Computer "Two Way" action. Paul Price, the five-star commitment to price ratio the same city the same day, digital, computer, mobile phone where a price lower than found in any "star", with valid

Note Five-Star post 3 times paid; ensure the quality of parallel imports is found in the five-star, fake Ji Song

Liquid crystal TV . Also, during the event, purchase mobile phones, digital, single items can be collected over 200 scratch card, LCD TV, mobile phone, brand MP3, gifts Kuangsong. In addition, Five Star Movies Big World?? Free entertainment nowadays wonderful large; Cheong enjoy the new digital life?? Five Star Digital Life Free School, will continue.

Flat TV Game Passion interpretation "Drift" car rally, live football contest, with big screen

LCD TV Play classic sports games?? "Star? Changhong Flat Cup" sports competition game this weekend hypermarkets in five languages and three road opened, the winner will have a wonderful competitive award waiting for you to take.

Upcoming five-star shopping mall which opened in Xiaoshan

Five Star has to Sell

Growth rate of short-listed home appliance chain ranked No. 1 strength, the Chinese home appliance chain enterprises among the top 12. Five Star 2005 is the expansion of the implementation of the national chain of Five Star currently in Jiangsu and Anhui provinces in the region lead. As a starting point, this year to Zhejiang, Shandong, Jiangxi, Henan, Sichuan and other provinces to expand. In Zhejiang, the number of stores to five-star end of the year will reach more than 20. At present, the five-star Xiaoshan supermarkets will soon be unveiled. The store location, followed the usual five-star boutique store Zhejiang style. Predictably, the five-star Xiaoshan store opening in turn to the local market, local consumers, a no small shock.

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